The Leader in Embedded Bluetooth

The most popular platform for embedded dual mode stack

One of the most popular embedded platforms for small connected devices nowadays is STM32F4 by ST Micro. SEARAN has a feature rich off-the-shelf SDK on this platform which customers use to build a wide range of Bluetooth devices. This SDK includes data with BLE(GATT) various profiles, SPP and iAP for high data rates, high bandwidth voice and streaming […]

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SEARAN Bluetooth is the software solution inside a new innovative product, Trace, for snowboarders and surfers

Trace mounts directly to your skis or snowboard, providing you with the most accurate data ever recorded in the snow. With advanced inertial and GPS sensors and a full day’s battery life, you’ll be able to accurately track every run better than ever before. Trace can be attached directly to your surfing board using a […]

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Head-to-head comparison: Bluetooth stack – SEARAN vs. Texas Instruments

It is a known fact that our dotstack™ has the smallest footprint on the market, not to mention dotstack’s easy portability and user friendly API – just see the number of microcontrollers and microprocessors our dotstack™ is running on. One hot topic these days is an announcement by Texas Instruments that they provide a free stack on […]

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