The Leader in Embedded Bluetooth

BLE 5.0, current state of Bluetooth affairs, and voice over BLE

There is a lot of anticipation among product developers linked to the new Bluetooth 5.0 that is coming out. 5.0 would allow for higher data throughput and lower latency over BLE(GATT). When it finally arrives, the 5.0 BLE will permit audio, voice, certainly data, most features that generic Bluetooth, BR/EDR is capable of now. However, […]

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Infotainment and Connectivity

Enovation Controls engaged SEARAN during a custom display infotainment project that involved routing and playing of audio and voice, messaging and data. After several months of work with other third parties who claimed to have the expertise and insight to help us implement the complicated Bluetooth functionalities, spending thousands of dollars and waiting without great communication, […]

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The most popular platform for embedded dual mode stack

One of the most popular embedded platforms for small connected devices nowadays is STM32F4 by ST Micro. SEARAN has a feature rich off-the-shelf SDK on this platform which customers use to build a wide range of Bluetooth devices. This SDK includes data with BLE(GATT) various profiles, SPP and iAP for high data rates, high bandwidth voice and streaming […]

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