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SEARAN – Goes Beyond Bluetooth and into Complete Systems Solutions

In the past, SEARAN’s development for customers was mostly limited to Bluetooth connectivity with occasional implementation of other functionality. Usually, we would provide customers with an SDK, on their platform of choice, with user case code examples, and our customers were left to develop complete applications by themselves. As a result of the successful integration […]

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Farmer’s Fields Talk using SEARAN Bluetooth Solution

SEARAN enabled Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Monsanto Company, to integrate Bluetooth connectivity into the Climate FieldView DriveTM, – the industry’s first digital in-field sensor network and data management system. Climate’s new sensor network creates a true digital ag ecosystem to support the important agronomic decisions farmers make each season to protect and increase yield.1 […]

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Reaching Higher Throughput with BLE 5.0

We’ve been covering data throughput over Bluetooth connections in the past – please read our blog of February 2014, . Since then the situation changed drastically with BLE. The latest specs, 4.2 and 5.0 allowed BLE to reach data throughput using extended packets and low connection intervals. With these latest revisions BLE data rates […]

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