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Introducing Dotstack Introducing The world's most versatile Bluetooth stack SEARAN LLC is the fastest growing provider of Bluetooth wireless connectivity with tens of
millions of licenses sold for innovative solutions in consumer, medical and industrial applications.
Our ultra small Bluetooth stack was designed for low cost and low power embedded devices. Bluetooth SIG compliant and well tested, dotstack™ has the smallest footprint, is easy to port
and already runs on most popular platforms and OS.
Enovations Controls “Enovation Controls engaged SEARAN during a custom display infotainment project that involved routing and playing of audio and voice, messaging and data. After several months of work with other third parties who claimed to have the expertise and insight to help us implement the complicated Bluetooth functionalities, spending thousands of dollars and waiting without great communication, they all failed. Enovation came to SEARAN needing help and needing them to do the work in record time to put the project back on track for timing. SEARAN was not only able to achieve what the other companies could not achieve, they did it at a cost that was less than the others had quoted, and in record time. The interactions between Enovation and SEARAN were direct and frequent with great response time and urgency. Enovation has enjoyed the relationship with SEARAN and will definitely be looking forward to working with them again.” Vice President, Vehicle Technologies // Murphy by Enovation Controls Jinger J. McPeak Laird “For companies looking to leverage Laird HCI modules into low cost, low power embedded devices based on Cortex M series microcontrollers, then SEARAN and the dotstack is an ideal Bluetooth stack vendor. The speed and flexibility of SEARAN’s approach for our BTv5.0 HCI module customers utilising the dotstack has been truly excellent.” Product Director // Laird, Embedded Wireless Solutions Jonathan Kaye Panasonic “SEARAN has been successfully delivering Bluetooth solutions to Panasonic’s customers that require Bluetooth data, voice and audio applications for over five years. SEARAN’s Bluetooth stack “dotstack” is an excellent choice for embedded systems with limited memory resources. The SEARAN team has deep expertise integrating Panasonic’s Bluetooth modules based on Texas Instruments CC256x controllers -- PAN1315/1325/1316/1326. I’ve found SEARAN’s support group to be very responsive to our customers, providing them with solid engineering guidance and recommend SEARAN to customers considering HCI Bluetooth implementations.” Wireless Connectivity Product Manager, Industrial Components Division
Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America, a Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America
Richard Trueman
Toshiba America “The Toshiba team has worked with SEARAN on multiple projects related to the Toshiba Bluetooth chipset, TC35661 and TC35667. The SEARAN team has provided fast turnaround on all of our technical matters and their dotstack offering has helped us harness the software application possibilities that exist around our Bluetooth chipsets.” Senior Manager, Business Development for Mixed-Signal Business Unit
Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
Vikas Paliwal
Marvell “This is the second project in my group where SEARAN’s Bluetooth stack dotstack is integrated on Marvell platforms based on Marvell Bluetooth products. Both times I was very impressed by SEARAN’s professional expertise, timely and uninterrupted support availability, and capability in delivering in very few days dotstack ports for Marvell platforms. SEARAN’s product and SEARAN’s support team have been key contributors in the successful execution of these projects." R&D Manager, IoT BU // Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Massimo Ravasi NXP “NXP appreciated support for an innovation project with lots of uncertainties. Flexibilty from SEARAN and close cooperation did deliver required results.” Department Manager, NXP Semiconductors
BU-S&C / BL-SMC / Emerging Business / Application lab
Marino Strik

What makes dotstack so special?

SEARAN’s ultra small and flexible Bluetooth stack, dotstack™, was designed for low cost and low power embedded devices. Bluetooth SIG compliant, well tested and consistently certified, dotstack™ has the smallest footprint, easy to port and runs on most popular platforms and RTOS. dotstack™ has the lowest latency and highest data throughput in the industry.

V2.1 + EDR, V4.0, V4.1, V4.2 and 5.0. dotstack™ can be used as a single or dual mode stack, and has all necessary protocols and profiles for BR/EDR and/or BLE(GATT). V5.1 with direction finding (AoA, AoD) developed and tested, and pending certification. V5.2 for LE audio in development.

Minimum requirement – 5.6KB RAM and 57KB Flash that includes RTOS and a sample application for SPP or BLE(GATT).

Tested with Bluetooth chipsets from CSR, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Intel, Marvell, Broadcom, Realtek, RDA.

Tested with PHY and LL from Synopsys.

Tested for Interoperability with Microsoft, Toshiba, Widcomm/Broadcom, MAC OS X, BlueZ and other stacks used in mobile devices.

Platforms supported: Microchip Technology/Atmel, ST Micro, SynopsysTexas Instruments, Silicon Labs/Energy Micro, NXP/Freescale, Renesas, Imagination Tech, Nationz Technologies, Allwinner Technology.

Processor core supports: Cortex M0, M3, M4, A5, A7, A8, A9, A15, ARM7/9, MIPS, MicroAptiv, MSP430, CC55xx, ARC EM4/EM5.


SPP Serial Port
GAP Generic Access
HID Human Interface Device
HSP Headset
HFP Handsfree
FTP File Transfer
OPP Object Push
PAN Personal Area Network
MAP Message Access
PBAP Phone Book Access
A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution
AVRCP Audio/Video Remote Control
iAP 1 and iAP2 Apple/MFI for serial data
HCRP Hard Copy Cable Replacement
HCI Host controller interface
L2CAP Logical Link Control and Adaptation
RFCOMM Radio Frequency Communications
SDP Service Discovery
AVDTP Audio/Video Distribution Transport
AVCTP Audio/Video Control Transport
BNEP Bluetooth Network Encapsulation
OBEX Object Exchange


GATT Generic Attribute
ANP/ANS Alert Notification
FMP Find me
HIDS HID Service
PASP/PASS Phone Alert Status
PXP Proximity
TIP Time
BAS Battery
DIS Device Information
IAS Immediate Alert
LLS Link Loss
TPS TX Power
ANCS ANCS by Apple
BLP/BLS Blood Pressure
GP Glucose
HTP Health Thermometer
HRP/HRS Heart Rate
CPS Cycling Power Service
CSCP Cycling Speed and Cadence Profile (CSCP)
HCI Host controller interface
ATT Low Energy Attribute
L2CAP Logical Link Control and Adaptation

BLE architecture

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Evaluation kits and full SDK are available off-the-shelf, and on demand for special configurations. Readily available configurations include:

  • Headset for streaming audio and voice
  • Hands free car kit with voice, phone book, messaging, and audio
  • Audio and Voice router/bridge
  • High speed printer
  • Dual mode low power
  • Voice over BLE

Please contact SEARAN for delivery and pricing.