There is a lot of anticipation among product developers linked to the new Bluetooth 5.0 that is coming out. 5.0 would allow for higher data throughput and lower latency over BLE(GATT). When it finally arrives, the 5.0 BLE will permit audio, voice, certainly data, most features that generic Bluetooth, BR/EDR is capable of now.

However, generic BR/EDR Bluetooth is still here and will be for a foreseeable future. Although BLE will be a predominant technology for IoT devices in the future, as marketing researchers demonstrate, generic Bluetooth, BR/EDR, is and always will have its place as a proven reliable higher data throughput option, with many developed protocols and profiles. Read other SEARAN blogs on how Bluetooth features such as audio, voice, messaging and data are implemented using SEARAN’s dotstackTM in complex solutions with the lowest footprint and power.

Some features companies are anticipating from 5.0, voice communication, have been developed and are already on the market using existing Bluetooth specification, 4.1 or 4.2. One such device co-developed by SEARAN is Onyx by Orion Labs.

“Onyx is a wearable communication accessory for instant voice conversations with as many people as you want, across any distance. You stay connected while your phone stays in your pocket.”

This seamless duplex voice communication between the Onyx product and a smart phone was developed using SEARAN’s BLE(GATT) protocols and profiles.