The Leader in Embedded Bluetooth

Demonstrating multiple phones “competing” over Bluetooth for one speaker to do audio streaming. The demo uses Microchip development board based on PIC32MX450, CSR8811 based module and SEARAN Bluetooth software.

Music from iPhone is played on Microchip development platform with PIC32MX450 and using CSR 8811 based Bluetooth module.

When operator presses the SW2 joystick (left bottom corner) the heart pulse rate goes up from (65 to 125bpm); then operator pushes the joystick down and the heart rate returns to 65bpm. On the other end of the connection is a heart rate monitor sample program from the Mac OS X SDK (Bluetooth Low Energy Framework).

MSP430 Experimenter board using PAN1323ETU dual mode module (BR/EDR+BLE) with CC2564.

Operator sends data from an Android tablet to LPC1768 development board, and back. The average transfer rates are:Tablet to Device 114KB/sec.

Device to Tablet 109KB/secThe demo is built using LPC1768 Dev Board and PAN1315ETU Bluetooth module based on CC2560.

Operator sends information from an Android tablet to LPC1768 development board. Pressing the Test button on the tablet toggles an LED on the dev board. Pressing on the push button on the board turns on a “Bluetooth” logo on the tablet.

The demo is built using LPC1768 Dev Board andPAN1323ETU Bluetooth module based on CC2564.