A complete dotstack SDK is now available on a Linux platform. Like its traditional embedded SDK on Cortex platforms SEARAN provides its dual mode stack, dotstackTM with protocols, profiles, and code examples with data, audio and voice applications now on Linux.

The list of profiles includes A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, PBAP, HSP, SPP, and BLE. The code examples include audio streaming from a smart phone to the Raspberry Pi board; when a phone call comes in, the audio is replaced with a voice signal. With either audio or voice signal coming from the phone there’s a simultaneous uninterrupted data stream between the board and the phone. On board display shows music themes when streaming music or call information during phone calls.

This SDK runs on Raspberry Pi 3 board running embedded Linux, uses a standard HCI dual mode modules BT860/850 from Laird.