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Drop-in Programmable Bluetooth Solution

Drop-in Programmable Bluetooth Modules are out-of-the-box solutions for customers that don’t want to spend resources on integration of Bluetooth hardware and software. The module comes preconfigured, programmed per customer spec, and supported by SEARAN team.

SEARAN-860 plug-and-play solution includes the following features:

  • Streaming data between any of its serial interfaces and Bluetooth connection
  • Streaming audio and voice between any of its audio interfaces and Bluetooth connection
  • Optional resampling and other audio processing on module
  • Optional MFI authentication chip to connect and exchange data with iOS devices. Options include an MFI chip on module or off module, internal (SA) or external (ST) antenna.
  • All dongles have bootloaders for firmware upgrades via USB or UART interfaces
  • AT commands to control application via UART or USB


  • Low latency Intercom
  • Walkie-Talkie for 20+ devices
  • Automotive and Aviation Infotainment
  • Handsfree Car Kit
  • Automotive Telematics
  • Audio and Voice bridge or router


  • USB2.0
  • 2 full UART ports
  • I2C port
  • Serial Audio Interface (SAI)
  • Audio Interface (PCM)
  • JTAG debugging interface
  • Serial Wire Debug interface
  • Reset pushbutton
  • Application pushbutton
  • Power LED
  • Application LED

Configurations and Part Numbers

Product Number MFI Antenna
SEARAN-860-DEF-SA-XXX-XX No Internal (SA)
SEARAN-860-DEF-ST-XXX-XX No External (ST)
SEARAN-860-MFI-SA-XXX-XX Yes Internal (SA)
SEARAN-860-MFI-ST-XXX-XX Yes External (ST)


Note: The first three characters in “XXX-XX” contain specific software application name using a three-letter designation to be assigned by SEARAN, and the last two characters are the software version.

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