The capabilities of Bluetooth are changing user experiences, especially in consumer products. SEARAN, a leader in embedded Bluetooth, in cooperation with Enovation Controls, recently integrated this technology in RIDE COMMAND, a Bluetooth system available in Polaris off-road vehicles. This product is an example of how embedded Bluetooth creates new opportunities in infotainment.

With Bluetooth systems like the one recently released in Polaris RIDE COMMAND, riders have the power to track their routes, find their fellow explorers, and answer calls, all from a touchscreen. The music player connects to music or AM/FM radio stations, the GPS accesses preset routes and tracks fellow riders’ routes in real time. GoPro cameras can be connected and controlled from the display, and connecting headset allows riders to answer calls.

Multiple Bluetooth profiles have been used by SEARAN to realize RIDE COMMAND capabilities. SEARAN integrated dotstackTM protocols and profiles into QNX OS used by RIDE COMMAND for seamless operation with voice, audio, messaging and data.

HFP, PBAP, and HS profiles enable voice communication when a phone call is made. The voice signal is routed between the smart phone and the headset via the RIDE COMMAND and enables for various notifications like Caller ID, contact information via address book, with an option of accepting and initiating phone calls from the device or headset.

SEARAN Bluetooth solution enables RIDE COMMAND device assist driver in choosing between streaming music and phone calls, routes music and voice seamlessly with excellent quality, mixes GPS audio seamlessly for the driver without compromising vehicle operation.

MAP allows text notifications and responses with premade text messages while on the road. iAP and SPP connect to respectively iPhone and Android smartphones to send data.

As a result, music, voice, text messaging, data transfers are done using the SEARAN Bluetooth solution.

SEARAN’s dotstackTM technology allows all the capabilities of Bluetooth specification to operate seamlessly. The dotstackTM, easy portable and low memory footprint, allows developers to better optimize hardware than competing Bluetooth brands. This means SEARAN runs more efficiently on processors, making it the leading choice for integrations with complex hardware systems.

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Arkady Pittel
President, CEO