Enovation Controls engaged SEARAN during a custom display infotainment project that involved routing and playing of audio and voice, messaging and data. After several months of work with other third parties who claimed to have the expertise and insight to help us implement the complicated Bluetooth functionalities, spending thousands of dollars and waiting without great communication, they all failed.  Enovation came to SEARAN needing help and needing them to do the work in record time to put the project back on track for timing.  SEARAN was not only able to achieve what the other companies could not achieve, they did it at a cost that was less than the others had quoted, and in record time.  The interactions between Enovation and SEARAN were direct and frequent with great response time and urgency.  Enovation has enjoyed the relationship with SEARAN and will definitely be looking forward to working with them again.

Enovation Controls, LLC is the company formed from the 2009 merger of FW Murphy and EControls.  The company combines Murphy’s wide-ranging instrumentation and display capabilities starting in 1939 with EControls’ extensive engine control expertise starting in 1994 to provide customers with a complete solution approach for engine control, protection and monitoring.

Enovation Controls has provided high-end color displays for several years to many markets.  As the displays have grown and become more integrated with infotainment and connectivity the complexity has increased drastically.  The application of our product is on high-end boats and vehicles where the consumer expectation is high and the environment is much more challenging than automotive.

Enovation Controls’ systems-based solutions are utilized in many markets including: commercial vehicles, natural gas compression, off-highway, material handling, agriculture, both recreational and commercial marine and on road and off road vehicles.

Customer focus and innovation are at the core of the company’s commitment to continuous improvement, enabling Enovation Controls to deliver a broad range of innovative control and monitoring solutions for engines and engine-driven equipment to customers around the world.

Enovation Controls has manufacturing and engineering locations around the world including:  Tulsa, Oklahoma; San Antonio, Texas; Rosenberg, Texas; Birmingham, United Kingdom; Hangzhou, China; and Pune, India.

Jinger J. McPeak
Vice President, Vehicle Technologies