When Kopin Corp. needed to move to the 2nd generation of their innovative mobile infotainment system Solos 2, they turned to SEARAN for help. Kopin wanted to find the best Bluetooth stack capable of reaching the highest data throughput while maintaining high quality audio using the same Bluetooth controller. SEARAN’s dotstackTM came on top, and SEARAN’s team helped develop Solos 2. In 2018 shortly after announcing it at CES 2018 Kopin started sales of Solos 2.

The Kopin Corp.’s New Generation Smart Performance Glasses, Solo 2. “introduces enhanced software to facilitate real-time coaching and enables group communication… This new edition builds on the original features for cyclists by expanding the ecosystem beyond cycling to empower performance support for runners. … The latest smart glasses offer new audio features including voice control, phone calls, listening to music and group chat communication.” [SOLOS Announces New Generation Smart Performance Glasses at CES 2018]