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USB Programmable Bluetooth Dongle

Drop-in Programmable Bluetooth Solution

The new SEARAN-860 module by SEARAN is a convenient ready to use out-of-the-box product that comes preconfigured and preprogrammed for your application. Many embedded solutions are readily available that come with this module.

Audio bridge or router using SEARAN-860 Serial Audio Interface (SAI)* and Bluetooth connections. Use cases include:

  • USB dongle seamlessly bridges USB to Bluetooth for plug-and-play connection to external headphones for streaming music and making IP calls, i. e. Skype for Business
  • Automotive Telematics
  • GPS Logger with Location Services
  • Audio Bridge for streaming audio from different media or audio interfaces via Bluetooth. Resampling and other audio processing on module
  • Audio and Voice Router that connects to smart phones and headset for streaming music and phone calls
  • Handsfree Car Kit to connect with two or more smart phones, players, and a car radio
  • Infotainment System for automotive and aviation industries
  • Low Latency Intercom and Walkie-Talkie applications (to be used with bikers’ helmets, up to 10) with protocols run on module, and audio interface (I2S) to interconnect an audio channel with a codec and a headset

*SAI interface is configurable for I2S, PCM and other audio protocols.

Data bridge or router between SEARAN-860 wired and wireless interfaces.

  • from one or two UARTs, via Bluetooth* to Smartphone(s)
  • from USB via Bluetooth to Smartphone(s)

*Bluetooth data streaming over SPP, iAP (for MFI members only), and BLE working concurrently.

Practically any embedded Bluetooth device can be realized using SEARAN-860 module within a matter of days. Please contact SEARAN for details.

What is “preconfigured”?

Various components can be populated or not depending on your application. If you need a USB dongle then there’s a USB connector and associated circuitry. If your device needs iAP, and you are an MFI member, you can either populate your motherboard with an MFI chip, or it can be placed on our module. Laird’s BT860 module can either come with a chip antenna ready to be used, or use an external antenna of your motherboard.

Please find an attached SEARAN-860 Data Sheet for details on our module.

What are the processing resources for my application?

160KB SRAM, 512KB Flash and 80Mhz – sufficient for most Bluetooth embedded applications.

What interfaces does the SEARAN-860 module have?

  • USB2.0
  • 2 full UART ports
  • I2C port
  • Serial Audio Interface (SAI)
  • Audio Interface (PCM)
  • Reset pushbutton
  • Application pushbutton
  • Power LED
  • Application LED
  • JTAG debugging interface
  • Serial Wire Debug interface

Why would I use the SEARAN-860 module?

SEARAN module can be configured and programmed for various applications and mounting approaches. It could be a USB dongle or a PCBA for integration into customer board.

There are several off-the-shelf solutions available and practically almost any combination of profiles and use cases from SEARAN portfolio can be integrated with the module.

It is an off-the-shelf solution for companies not ready to involve themselves in hardware design and Bluetooth software integration.

An easy approach to test customer ideas by using this module as a USB dongle connected to PC, and then use the module without USB connector installed in your own hardware.

This module can be uploaded with a new application, new profiles even after it is installed in customer product. Other functionality like operation with iOS devices can be added even after installation by installation of an MFI chipset and updating the firmware.

SEARAN-860 comes with Laird compliance of its BT860 module and SEARAN own Bluetooth SIG certificates.

SEARAN sells its SEARAN-860 modules at Mouser

Contact SEARAN to discuss your requirements and pricing.