SEARAN client, Cambridge startup SimPrints, has been awarded £250,000 after winning a highly competitive grant from the UK Department for International Development (DFID) for a project that will improve healthcare for over 22,000 expecting mothers and their newborns in Bangladesh slum neighborhoods.

Simprints developed a unique biometric system customized for the developing world. High accuracy is ensured through two-finger identification and optimized matching algorithms. Custom on-board template extraction algorithm makes data transfer fast and secure.

Simprints scanners connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth compatible phone via SEARAN’s Bluetooth solution.

Simprints is focused on building towards the lowest scanner price possible. Selection of SEARAN’s ultra-small footprint Bluetooth stack, dotstackTM allowed them to maintain the lowest price strategy going wireless.

SEARAN powered Simprint’s wireless connectivity across multiple platforms with their robust, Bluetooth SIG-qualified stack.

SEARAN also provided free evaluation software and exceptional, experienced and expedient hands-on free support to product developers.