The Leader in Embedded Bluetooth

Embedded Bluetooth is still a new business for many product developers. The complexity of work depends heavily on:

  • Choice of stack (and its API), ease of port, difficulty of integration, and, of course, its memory footprint
  • Choice of profiles for a particular application and user scenario
  • Capabilities of embedded platforms, including RAM and Flash, as well as processor speed
  • Embedded processor command structure and choice of development tools
  • UART and other peripherals
  • Choice of HCI Bluetooth controllers and modules
  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support by host devices (Apple and Samsung)
  • Compliance and certification issues

While some of our customers can readily use our off-the-shelf SDK, others require custom-made solutions. We work tirelessly to understand the nature of each project, its requirements, and nuances, as best we can. Our easy-to-port dotstackTM and special user friendly API help us provide various configurations quickly on demand. Our ultra-light footprint stack, written in ANSI C, can be easily configured to work either at the highest data rate possible, or with the lowest memory footprint on the market.

We’ve helped many companies, small and large, to assess their situation and develop their customized solution by offering off-the-shelf evaluation kits, assistance with conceptual design, specification and architecture, and development of the full production SDK. Our support extends through product development, compliance testing, and into production, and we offer a flexible business model.

We have a wide selection of SDK’s that are preconfigured for most common applications, available on most commonly used embedded platforms, and work with several HCI Bluetooth controllers and modules. They can easily be configured to work with any HCI chipset and outfitted with additional features and profiles.

We constantly communicate and stay in touch with our customers not only during the project, but also after the project is completed. Our goal is to have satisfied customers with successful products on the market, and ultimately to attract customers who will continue returning with new product ideas.

Our services include: Embedded software development

  • High throughput data rate
  • Low power Bluetooth applications
  • Dual mode with BR/EDR and BLE(GATT)
  • Support of iOS (iPhone, iPAD, iPod) with iAP protocol and authentication chips
  • Integrated SPP and iAP operation
  • Audio streaming
  • Hands free kit
  • Various HID devices
  • Support of multiple devices and connections

Host application development

  • iOS (iPhone, iPAD, iPod)
  • Android
  • MAC
  • PC