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Bluetooth World 2017

SEARAN at Bluetooth World 2017

SEARAN exhibited at Bluetooth World 2017 in Santa Clara on March 28-29, 2017. The show demonstrated a growing interest in the latest Bluetooth 5.0 specification. From IP providers, to silicon manufacturers, to product designers, everybody is anticipating the new capabilities of 5.0 technology – voice and audio, increased data throughput and longer distances. The Mesh […]

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BLE 5.0, current state of Bluetooth affairs, and voice over BLE

There is a lot of anticipation among product developers linked to the new Bluetooth 5.0 that is coming out. 5.0 would allow for higher data throughput and lower latency over BLE(GATT). When it finally arrives, the 5.0 BLE will permit audio, voice, certainly data, most features that generic Bluetooth, BR/EDR is capable of now. However, […]

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