One of the most popular embedded platforms for small connected devices nowadays is STM32F4 by ST Micro. SEARAN has a feature rich off-the-shelf SDK on this platform which customers use to build a wide range of Bluetooth devices. This SDK includes data with BLE(GATT) various profiles, SPP and iAP for high data rates, high bandwidth voice and streaming audio with multi-connect. SDK can be run on two development boards from ST Micro, STM32F4-DISCOVERY and STM32F4G-EVAL.

The latter one is more suitable for applications where display is required – in particular when using AVRCP and PBAP functions. Any dual mode controller can work with this SDK, however, two controllers CSR8811 and CC2564 work “out-of-the-box” – follow the instructions of our Getting Started Guide.

Free evaluation kits are available.

SEARAN SDK implements 5 applications that demonstrate various Bluetooth profiles:

  • Phone – HFP, HSP, PBAP
  • Player – A2DP Sink, AVRCP Controller
  • SPP Echo – SPP
  • BLE Peripheral
    • GATT Heart Rate service
    • Battery service
    • Generic Access Profile
    • Generic Attribute Profile
    • Device Information service
  • BLE Central – Generic BLE central that works with up to 4 peripherals simultaneously

All applications are independent of each other: each application can be connected to a different remote device. The only exception is BLE Peripheral and Central since the Bluetooth controller cannot work as a master and slave at the same time.