SEARAN recently released SEARAN-860 – Reconfigurable and Reprogrammable Bluetooth module. One of the most popular configurations is a plug-and-play USB-Bluetooth dongle. Our dongle has a bootloader for software upgrades, and SEARAN can program SEARAN-860 with almost any use case customer wants.

One popular application is an USB to Bluetooth bridge for audio and voice. Once the USB dongle is plugged into USB port the dongle connects to the previously paired headset. Audio and phone call signals stream from PC or another host, to the headset.

SEARAN new USB-Bluetooth dongle allows for popular internet phone applications including Skype for Business. Basically, our new dongle converts any regular Bluetooth headset into a Skype for Business wireless headset. The new software package implements functionality such as answering and rejecting calls, and redials.

To start your conference call all that is required is to plug your USB dongle and wear your headset.

Contact SEARAN with your specific use cases and inquire on pricing and delivery.